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Types of Charts Available in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an advanced tool that provides sufficient choices in types of chart for almost every kind of graphical data visualization. However, key mantra to be careful with is that not every chart is helpful for every type of data set. Charts are to be placed or designed depending upon the factors like, type of data set, intended information, agenda of the presentation and type of audience.

However, Interesting fact that you can convert or change from one chart type to another is a great way to experiment and play while designing the presentations and creating an effective presentation. Choosing the right chart type is half work done. Post selection of the chart type, now you can play with the design, color and data fields within that chart type. PowerPoint offers chart types like, Column Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, XY (Scatter) Chart, Surface, Donut, Bubble and Radar Chart. The significance of these charts are different. Placing infographic design alongside these charts can take the visualization of the slide to the next level. 

You can surf this page or SlidesGeek to surf for various types of charts with pre-built data set. There are variations around single chart like 3D, Infographic, Circular, Banner etc which can be explored in this webpage. Try downloading and customizing these charts by replacing data set as per your requirement.