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Download Thousands of PPTX Presentation Slides, Templates, Themes and Designs from one place. Explore various options around business presentation templates, real estate based presentation template to abstract designs and templates. These templates come with pre-built designs and diagrams which can help you in drafting a Presentation quickly. Simply select a perfect and best presentation template that fits your requirement and download that presentation template with no registration requirement. We don’t ask for any sort of data from users. Hence, making it very easy for our users to explore and choose various designs and templates in PowerPoint and Google Slide for their presentation. 

Recently Uploaded Multiple Slides Presentation Templates

How to Choose Best Presentation from SlidesGeek ?

To make the selection of Pre-built presentation template or say, design (infographic or not) and diagram more effective and quick, following points can be helpful;

  1. Have a clear understanding of the topic and picture of an expected version of the presentation.
  2. List down the number and nature of slides you want to create like Process slide, agenda slide, timeline slide, circular infographic slide or even charts and graphs or data visualization presentation slide (what kind of chart ?) etc. 
  3. After making an imaginary presentation, time to search or quest for the relevant keyword. You can use keywords like “real estate” if your presentation is based on real estate, may be consulting, may be marketing etc. We are trying our best to update our database with free presentation templates and designs for our users. Use of Advanced AJAX Search Tool for searching the desired slide is much easier.
  4. In this page you will find only the set of pre-built presentations that comes with 25 to 48 slides with various sections which enables users to quickly draft and finalize their presentation. However, if you want to explore options around other categories of slides like process design or agenda slides or timeline designs, you can simply explore other pages and search there. Else, Home page search can also be useful and easy. 
  5. You donot have to create an account with us to download any of the slides offered by us. However, donot forget to go through our privacy policy to understand things better. We don’t intend to collect any sort of sensitive data from our users (except some basic default data set for our internal analytics purposes). 
  6. Once you have finalized your presentation and downloaded them, you can start with your editing work. All the presentation templates are fully and 100% editable. 

What other resources are available ?

In addition to providing free presentation templates, slides, designs and infographics – we also offer other resources and tools for our users, namely, Free Excel templates, calculators, designs and dashboards (You can see the banner above) and free resume formats and templates.

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