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Marketing 7C model compass infographic design
Marketing 7C Model Compass is an agenda ppt template. This is useful in creating slide to showcase business agenda, social issue agenda, social topics, business strategy pointers, services listing, project management approaches etc.

Create best, wonderful, professional and creative presentation template for your business and profession with Marketing 7C Model Compass. This agenda template is useful for researchers, businessmen, auditors, professionals, teachers and students.

Understanding 7C Model in Marketing

The 7C's model of marketing, also known as the 7P's model, is a framework that can be used to help businesses identify and evaluate key elements of their marketing strategy. The 7C's model includes the following elements:

  • Customers: This element focuses on understanding who the business's customers are, what their needs and wants are, and how the business can meet those needs and wants.
  • Competition: This element focuses on understanding the competitive landscape in which the business operates, including the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and how the business can differentiate itself from them.
  • Collaboration: This element focuses on identifying potential partners and collaborators who can help the business achieve its goals, such as suppliers, distributors, and other businesses.
  • Communication: This element focuses on how the business will communicate with its customers and stakeholders, including the messages it will use and the channels it will use to deliver those messages.
  • Creativity: This element focuses on fostering a culture of innovation and creativity within the business, in order to generate new ideas and solutions that can help the business grow and succeed.
  • Culture: This element focuses on understanding the values and beliefs that drive the behavior of the business's employees and stakeholders, and ensuring that those values and beliefs align with the business's goals and objectives.
  • Change: This element focuses on the need for the business to be adaptable and flexible in the face of changing market conditions and customer needs, in order to remain relevant and competitive.

Overall, the 7C's model is a useful tool for businesses to use when planning and implementing their marketing strategies. By considering each of the 7C's elements, businesses can ensure that they have a well-rounded and effective marketing plan in place.

You can completely customize the color contrast and icons placed in this Marketing 7C Model Compass design, as per your requirement.
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How do you prepare an agenda for presentation ?

Agenda slides are one of the important section in a good presentation. You can understand these slides as "Table of content" in a book. Basically, these slides are informative on summarizing overall intent and content of the presentation in simpliest manner. Furthermore, people use infographics to make these slides more interesting so that agenda of the presentation is clear and impactful/ informative as well. To create an agenda slide for presentations, you can follow the steps or key notes provided below -

  • Create a new slide with the Bulleted List layout. You'll probably want to place the slide after the presentation's title slide. Again, compare the overall thing with a book. Table of contents comes after the main cover of the book, right ?
  • Enter a title (such as Agenda or Table of Content) and type bullet items to describe each of the sections, parts of the presentation or each of the custom shows--in your presentation
  • Now, if you want to work with animation and transition, you can put those in the elements itself by using the "Transitions" and "Animations" tab in PowerPoint. However, it is completely subjective matter, to use or not to use animation and transitions. For business pitch decks, where slides count is comparatively less and ideal presentations are kept 10-15 mins short - the use of transitions and animations are kept at minimum level.
  • You can quickly change the background of your Agenda presentation slide. You can do so by using the "Design" tab in PowerPoint. Design tab consists of pre-built backgrounds and themes for your presentation. There are variants available, which you can choose from. Slide size and background formatting can also be done using the features in this tab.
  • Having said that, if you are looking for a pre-built templates for agenda and objective slides in your presentation, you can very much explore free agenda ppt designs like Marketing 7C Model Compass compatible with all versions of PowerPoint, Google Slides, WPS Office, Open Office and more.
  • Download Marketing 7C Model Compass Presentation Template

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