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Free Circular Designs and Infographics for Presentations

Free circular presentation designs and templates
Creative Presentation Ideas_SlidesGeek

Creative Presentation Ideas for Sales and Marketing

PowerPoint Blogs
We all know “Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” Now, what differentiates good marketing and great marketing is the way in which...
Free circular presentation designs and templates

Free Circular Designs and Infographics for Presentations

PowerPoint Blogs
Circular infographics and designs are useful in showcasing circular listings, circular agenda and business vision and objectives in circular orientation in a presentation. These presentation templates available at SlidesGeek are useful...
Free Agenda Presentation Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Free Agenda Presentation Slides & Designs

PowerPoint Blogs
Agenda Presentation designs and infographics are useful in defining various business agenda, business meeting agenda, business objectives, business roadmap, idea roadmap, idea agenda listing and many more. Consultants, Business managers...

Circular infographics and designs are useful in showcasing circular listings, circular agenda and business vision and objectives in circular orientation in a presentation. These presentation templates available at SlidesGeek are useful for businessman, business managers, consultants and professionals. Students can also use these presentation templates for their science and social case studies and project. Furthermore, downloading these presentation templates in circular alignment is very easy. Simply select the template of your choice and you will be redirected to the template page. From there, if you like the presentation – simply hit the download button. 

You can also customize the presentation slide, change color, text size and even alignment as well. These templates in PPTX format are one slide templates. Hence, you can explore more templates to create the best and professional looking presentations.

World Map Radial

Wheel Rotating Gear

Wheel Radiation Circle

Wheel Cycle

Wheelchair Person

Waterdrop Butterfly

Three Leaves

Target Hit Arrow

Symmetrical Circles

Business Success

Stethoscope Radial

Stethoscope Arrow

Square Puzzles

Spread Circles

Spread Five Hexagon

Spread Five Circles

Spread Four Circles

Spread 3 Circle

Split Hexagon

Six Radial Icons

Six Radial Circles

Six Radial Bulbs

Six Radial Arrows

Seven Wing Pinwheel

Semi Radial Pentagram

Semi Radial Pentagram

Semi Radial Leaf

Semi Radial Fan Banner

Semi Radial Doughnut

Semi Radial Donut

Semi Radial Circles

Semi Radial Circle

Semi Donut Ring

Round Semi Cycle

Rotation Triangles

Rotation Speech Bubble

Rotation Sector Form

Rotation Arrow

Rotating Droplets

Radial World Map

Radial Text Boxes

Radial Squares

Radial Six Circles

Radial Puzzle

Radial Petals

Radial Network

Radial Medical Box

Radial Light Bulb

Radial Laptop

Radial Golden Egg

Radial Four Circles

Radial Doughnuts

Radial Doughnut

Radial Doughnut

Radial Doughnut Banners

Radial Cloud

Radial Circles

Radial Circle Gears

Radial Bulb

Radial Arrows

Quarter Donut

Puzzle Matrix

Police man

Plant Leaf

People Silhouette

Pentagonal Petals

Paper Stick

Organization Chart

Organic Farming

Open Book

Onion Ring

Mouse Radial Circle

Mobius Strip design

Medical Logo

Medical Cross

Medical Cells

Magnifying Glasses

Lock Key Radial

Light Bulb

Light Bulb Pencil

Laptop Repair Banner

Key On Hand

Circles Intersecting

Intersecting Circles

Intersection Circles

Internet Shopping

Industry Semi-circle Cycle

Human Puzzle

Home Icon

Head Bulb Idea

Head Brain Key Idea

Hand Tree Leaves

Handshake Line

Gift Boxes

Four Radial Squares

Four Radial Circles

Four Radial Arrows

Four Pinwheel Wing

Four Gears

Flags on Rocket

Five Radial Petals

Five Radial Arrows

Five Petals

Five Fingers

Fan Like

Fan Shaped Stairs

Fan Shaped

Emphasize Square Bars

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charge

Radial Circles

Dumbbell woman

Doughnut Arrow

Donut Star Shape

DNA Analysis

Divergent Circles

Diamonds Combination

Crossed Oval

Cooking Food

Concerntrated Arrow

Colorful circle

Circle Radial Dot

Circular Mindmap

Circle Mindmap

Circle Mind Map

Circle Intersection

Chevron Shaped Diamond

Chef Infographics

Chef Silhouette

Center Symmetry Arrow

Center Pointing Circle

Center Pointing Arrow

Cabbage Radial Circle

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wing

Business Radial Circle

Bubbles Tree

Blackboard Speech Bubble

Barbell Heart Beat

Arrow Centralizing

Six Radial Circles

Six Circles

Four Rhombic Combinations

Four Rhombic Combo

Four Part Puzzle

Four Part Circle Ring

Witch BroomStick

Halloween Shopping

Halloween Day Ghost

Climbing Bag

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