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PowerPoint Presentation templates like Five Ps of Marketing help us in drafting professional and best presentations for business and personal use. You can customize the color scheme and designs of this Presentation template. This is a , based presentation template for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Furthermore, you can explore more designs and templates in SlidesGeek. There are many other Presentation template like Five Ps of Marketing which can be helpful for personal and professional use.

Download free presentation template to demonstrate Five Ps of Marketing in your Marketing Presentations, business presentation, consulting presentations and more. This template is useful for business leaders, consultants, teachers and students to showcase the Five Ps of Marketing in their case studies. The orientation of this design is circular. However, you can also find Linear Five Ps of Marketing Presentation template at SlidesGeek as well.

About Five Ps Marketing Presentation template

The Free 5Ps of Marketing Slide Template for PowerPoint is an engaging diagram compilation for professionals to discuss the essential components of their business strategy. 5Ps, also called the marketing mix, including the five key elements that must be considered when launching a new business or product or improving the older one.

This free 5Ps of Marketing PowerPoint template features two editable slide designs to help our users discuss the five Ps. This marketing plan template can be edited with all PowerPoint versions and Google Slides. The color scheme, font style, and background can be adjusted according to the presentation theme.

Understanding Five Ps of Marketing

The 5 Ps of marketing are key marketing elements that put a business strategically. These 5Ps are also known as marketing mix, are variables that managers and proprietors manage to serve customers in their target market, attach value to their business, and further differentiate themselves from competitors.

1. Product 

This is the first P of marketing, and it should be at the focus of all elements in your marketing mix. When you make decisions for your products, it further involves function, branding, appearance (i.e., color), warranty information, packaging, and quality considerations such as how long something lasts.

2. Price

The price element of your marketing strategy is crucial for producing a profit. It covers the advertised price, any discounts and sales you provide to entice new customers, and how payments are taken from them, such as credit terms or other payment arrangements.

3. Promotion

Promotion involves a range of activities and techniques you can utilize to promote your products or services. It covers public relations, direct marketing, advertising sponsorship, sales, and social media.

4. Place

The place component of the 5 Ps of marketing leads to how you get your product or service to the customer at just about any time, in the most suitable location, and with an adequate quantity. It involves distribution channels (e.g., via an online shopfront), logistics, market coverage, and more!

5. People

You have to empathize with all three involved: yourself, staff members, and consumers to expand your business. It’s crucial not only to know the needs of every group but also to establish goals according to them so whether or not they ponder on company morale will be observed in customer satisfaction levels and eventually profit margins.

Features of this presentation template

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  • Modern 16:9 Aspect Ratio.
  • Scalable Vectorial PowerPoint Shapes and PowerPoint Icons.
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Download Five Ps of Marketing Presentation Template

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